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A-Z FinTech Solutions to Overcome Your Business Challenges

Dive into complete digital transformation with our custom FinTech app development solutions. We take cutting-edge technology and data-based insights to develop fully-customized FinTech app development solutions.







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Our FinTech App Solutions

With years of experience and expertise in FinTech app development, our Mobile app development company knows the challenges and requirements for developing diverse FinTech applications. Here are our custom FinTech app solutions;

Digital Banking Apps

Build your FinTech app for digital banking solutions to help your users conduct their financial activities and manage their accounts. Get the right FinTech app development services to create robust solutions for mobile and online banking.

  • Encrypted Digital Banking
  • Blazing Fast Transactions
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Peer-to-Peer Communication
Digital Banking Apps
Insurance Apps

Insurance Apps

Get innovative FinTech solutions for insurance apps to have more accurate methods of assessing risks and a faster coverage process. It’s time to manage claims, on-site assessment, and close deals better with the help of our FinTech app development company.

  • Highly secured
  • Smart Contracts
  • Risk Assessment
  • Live chat

Payment Processing Apps

Make financial app services more accessible to your users by developing your own payment processing FinTech app with the leading FinTech app development company. Our solutions make online payment transfers much simpler and faster.

  • Global Payment Transfer
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Blockchain Capable
  • Completely Paperless
Payment Processing Apps
Tax Management Apps

Tax Management Apps

Simplify tax management by building your own tax management FinTech app. Our AI-powered solutions help users to avoid mistakes, suggest deductions, and improve tax return possibilities. Give next-gen tax management apps to your users.

  • Return Filing and Tracking
  • E-way Bill Management
  • Tax Calculation
  • Tax Data Analytics

Investment Advisor Apps

Democratize investment and give the power of passive income to your users with a custom investment advisor FinTech app. We develop solutions with automated and digital technologies that reduce the need for expertise to start investing.

  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Detailed Data Analytics
  • Personalized Investment Goals
  • Cryptocurrency Integration
Investment Advisor Apps
Lending Apps

Lending Apps

Your business can connect the lender to the borrower directly by developing your own lending app. Take the best technical expertise from our FinTech app development company to introduce an unparalleled lending experience to your users.

  • Loan Management
  • Transfers and Withdrawals
  • Connect Multiple Bank Accounts

Personal Finance Apps

Give better control over finances to your users with personal finance management apps. Our expertise can help you add an AI-powered automated financial adviser to your app. It’s time to centralize all your finances in one single FinTech app.

  • Expense Calculator
  • Investment Portfolio
  • AI-Powered Recommendations
  • Recurring Reminders
Personal Finance Apps

Get Started With Your Own Fintech App

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Features of Our FinTech Solutions

We provide fully custom FinTech solutions to help businesses to build, automate, or improve their financial services and processes.

Simplified UI

Simplified UI

Get a minimalistic and clean UI to avoid confusion and reduce the learning curve among your users.

Biometric Security

Biometric Security

Implement military-grade biometric security in your FinTech to ensure protection from hackers and imposters.

Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-Platform Apps

Get cross-platform apps to start dominating on multiple platforms with your unique FinTech services.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Get complete visualization of complex data in the form of interactive tables, stats, graphics, and more.

AI and ML Powered

AI and ML Powered

Use intelligent Artificial Intelligence to enable predictive analysis and smart recommendations in your FinTech app.

Voice Assistance

Voice Assistance

Get the best advantage of voice search integration to improve the accessibility of your FinTech app.

Custom API Integration

Custom API Integration

Choose your own custom APIs to integrate with your FinTech app for custom mobile app development.

Military Grade Encryption

Military Grade Encryption

Deploy the best military-grade Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure maximum security

Our Portfolio Speaks for Our Work

Our mobile app developers have delivered many successful apps for the FinTech industry.

Finku is a FinTech platform that allows its users to have a single view of their finances from 22 banks, e-wallets, and investment platforms to achieve better control over their finances. It features an automatic financial logger, personalized monthly budget, billing reminders, etc.


Benefits of FinTech App Development Services

We combine the expertise of skilled developers, FinTech experts, and finance gurus to deliver the best innovative user experience. An investment in FinTech app development can open up new opportunities for your business.

Better Sales Possibilities and Engagement

When you develop a FinTech app with our Finance app development company, you are able to bridge the gap between your business and users. Consumers will love to spend more time on your FinTech app with world-class FinTech app development.

  • Improved Sales
  • Better Customer Engagement
  • Better ROI
  • Capture New Markets

User-Friendly and Accessible

Developing your FinTech app gives you access to attract a huge user base of smartphones and tablet users. Connect your consumers with your financial services digitally. This can help your business to discover unexplored business opportunities and create more revenue sources.

  • Intuitive and Smooth UI
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Wider Market Reach
  • World-Class User Experience

Superior Security Protocols

When you develop your FinTech app with MobileCoderz, you are guaranteed superior security with multiple layers of security protocols. Get complete protection from hacking, data leaks, privacy risks, and fishing.

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Server Security Testing
  • Latest Data Encryption
  • ISO 27001 Certificate

Lightning Fast Speed

Our developed FinTech solutions provide lightning-fast speed for much faster transactions, loan approval speeds and other operations. By deploying the latest digital technologies, we are able to develop high-performance apps.

  • Lightweight UI
  • Superfast Cloud Computing
  • AI and ML algorithms
  • Fast and secure servers
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Fully Customized FinTech App Development

Are you looking for a customized solution for your finance app’s needs? Hire the best developers from MobileCoderz to develop fully-customized FinTech apps.

Blockchain & cryptocurrency apps

Blockchain & cryptocurrency apps

Accounting systems

Accounting systems

Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding platforms

Insurance & pension apps

Insurance & pension apps

Expense calculators

Expense calculators

Online betting apps

Online betting apps

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Why Choose MobileCoderz for FinTech App Development?

The years of expertise have made MobileCoderz a leading FinTech app development company. Our team is filled with digital excellence to transform FinTech ideas into real-world apps. Learn more reasons to trust us with FinTech app development;

  • Top-Ranking Mobile Apps
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Custom-Made FinTech Apps
  • Diverse FinTech Portfolio
  • Guaranteed Store Clearance
  • NDA Protected Development
  • Cutting-Edge Development
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

question to ask before hire android developer

A FinTech app is a software solution commonly used for building, automating, managing, or improving financial processes and services. However, there are different types of FinTech apps with different use cases such as digital banking, lending, insurance, payment processing, tax management, investments, personal finance management, etc. The rise of smartphones also creates a huge demand for FinTech apps to make financial operations much faster and easier.

The total cost to develop a FinTech app depends on various factors. These are some basic questions you should ask yourself to determine the cost;

  • What is the complexity of your app idea?
  • The number of features that you want to include in your app
  • Which technology stack will you be using for development?

If we take the average development cost of developing a FinTech app for a single platform (Either Android or iOS), it would cost you between $20,000 to $30,000 to develop your app.

Java is the most commonly used programming language for developing FinTech and banking applications. It has a market presence of over 3 decades, which makes it a very reliable and secure language for building such critical applications. However, other languages can also be considered depending on your requirements.

The answer entirely depends on your business requirements. A simple ready-made solution might be sufficient if you want a simple FinTech app. However, if you are looking for a unique, scalable, and advanced app, then custom app development should be your choice.

Yes, absolutely! We sign an NDA form with our clients that ensure complete confidentiality of their project ideas. Privacy and confidentiality of the clients are always given top priority at MobileCoderz. Ready-made FinTech apps will be a significantly low-cost solution but might have certain limitations. In contrast, a custom FinTech app will be an expensive solution but it will provide more scope for advanced features and customization.

Modern technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, Big Data, and IoT are completely changing the way we used to access financial services. Consumers now have better access to data-driven actionable insights to make better decisions. Moreover, FinTech apps use these innovative technologies to provide fast, secure, reliable, and convenient financial services and processes.

Today, the FinTech industry has become a major part of the global economy. It is changing the age-old banking system with the latest innovation in terms of convenience, processing speeds, convenience, reliability, security, and resilience. Thus, this industry is set to grow exponentially in the upcoming years with the growing digital industry.

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