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Next-Gen eLearning Solutions for Education Businesses

Get the next-gen eLearning solutions with the top-rated eLearning app development company. We deploy innovative technologies and the best business logic that help students to access education and gain knowledge from anywhere






Apps Delivered

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Our eLearning Solutions

With years of experience in the EdTech industry, we are now capable of delivering diverse eLearning solutions for our clients. Hire our eLearning app developers to get unique solutions for your education business.

Test Preparation Apps

Develop the most interactive test preparation featuring interactive quizzes, skill tests, and test series. Hire the top developers from the leading eLearning app development company for cutting edge e-Learning experience.

  • Interactive Video Lessons
  • Test Series & Mock Tests
  • Mini-Quizzes & Flash Cards
  • Diagnostic Tests
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Language Learning Apps

Build the most user-friendly language learning apps to help people to become multi-lingual. Our eLearning app development company develops stunning, robust, highly functional, and interactive apps for your education business.

  • Gamification
  • Illustrations
  • Live Streaming
  • Chatbot/Pronunciation

Corporate LMS

Develop a highly-efficient corporate LMS to help businesses effectively train their employees with relevant skills and knowledge. Hire the best eLearning app development company to create cost-effective and robust LMS solutions.

  • Organized Content Management
  • Learner Feedback
  • Progress Tracking
  • Integration Ability
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Course-Based Apps

Engage the students with your own dedicated course-based app with huge e-Learning resources, interactive teaching solutions, and more. Get the best eLearning app development solutions for your complete eLearning products.

  • Personalized Learning
  • Easy Payment Channels
  • Interactive Games
  • Progress Tracking

Student Management Software (SMS)

Integrate a highly efficient student management software into your education business to manage students, employees, alumni, etc. Hire the leading eLearning app development company to get the most feature-rich solutions.

  • Admission Management
  • Grade Management
  • Parents Portal
  • Third-Party Integrations
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Virtual Classroom Apps

Enable smooth online tutoring with a world-class distant learning process to engage students with quality education. Get the support of the top-rated eLearning app development company to digitally connect teachers with students.

  • Whiteboards
  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Polls & Surveys

Get Started With Your Own eLearning App

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Features of Our eLearning Solutions

We provide robust and feature-rich eLearning app development solutions that take your education business to the next level.

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AI Personalization

Provide highly personalized content for learners based on their knowledge level and learning patterns.

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Integrate a highly-interactive chatbot to provide instant support to the learners or teachers.

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Social Communication

Enable communication with forums and chats to help learners to ask questions and share knowledge.

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AR/VR Implementation

Implement the best AR/VR elements to increase the depth of understanding and memorization.

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Analytics & Reports

Get detailed analytics & reports with our leading eLearning mobile app development solutions.

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Progress Tracking

Regularly track the learners’ progress in assignments and tests with a simple and intuitive dashboard.

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In-App Payments

Easily process payments through our eLearning app with help of skilled eLearning app developers.

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Live Streaming

Enable tutors and teachers to easily Livestream their classes with high-quality video & audio

Benefits of eLearning App Development Services

Hire skilled and certified eLearning app developers to combine the best technologies and business logic for your education business. Our eLearning app development solutions come loaded with features that ensure optimal learning and maximum manageability.
We help education businesses to embrace digital transformation with interactive and engaging mobile apps. Hire the leading eLearning app development company for quality app development.

Fully personalized learning

Developing an eLearning app solution helps you make the learning experience incredible personalized for every individual. Our eLearning app development company helps you introduce new learning methods for better engagement.

  • AI-Powered Curriculum
  • Gamification
  • Enhanced Interactions
  • Self-Learning Environment

Enhanced Parent-Teacher Interactions

A proper eLearning app provides the best communication channel between parents and teachers. Hire our eLearning app developers to ensure complete transparency in your education business and build a strong reputation.

  • Live Chat Support
  • Forums to Help Parents
  • Better Trust and Credibility
  • Student Tracking

Better Progress Tracking

eLearning mobile app development solutions help us to visualize how children are improving their skills. Our eLearning app development company provide the best key performance indicators and analytics in eLearning apps.

  • Performance Graphs
  • Student Grades
  • Engagement Rates
  • Skill Development

24/7 Availability

Our eLearning app development services provide instant access to eLearning resources from any platform. Users prefer the convenience of instant access when our clients choose the best eLearning app development services.

  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • Multiple Platform Support
  • Ease-of-use
  • Amazing Interfaces
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Fully Customized eLearning App Development

Fully Customized eLearning App Development Are you looking for fully customized eLearning app development solutions for your business? Hire the best eLearning app developers today!


School/College Management Apps


Educational Forum Apps


Digital Whiteboard Apps


E-Learning Videos Database Apps


E-Learning Apps for Disabled


Educational Games


Curriculum Planner Apps

Why Choose MobileCoderz for eLearning App Development?

Our years of industry experience in providing high-quality eLearning app development solutions have made us a leading eLearning app development company. Here are some reasons why our clients trust us for eLearning app development services;

  • Top-Ranking Mobile Apps
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Custom-Made eLearning Apps
  • Diverse eLearning Apps Portfolio
  • NDA Protected Development
  • Guaranteed Store Clearance
  • Cutting-Edge Development
  • Use latest technologies
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

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You will enjoy so many benefits after developing your eLearning app solution. Some of these are;

  • Better Customer Experience
  • Higher User Engagement
  • Improved Customer Reach
  • Data-Driven Business Growth
  • Personalized Learning Experience
  • Better ROI

Yes, absolutely! We take pride in digitally transforming start-ups and enterprises with our cutting-edge eLearning app development solutions. Our continuous support and digital excellence have helped many start-up EdTech businesses to become international enterprises.

The total cost of eLearning mobile app development completely depends on various factors;

  • Development Team Size
  • App Complexity
  • Features List
  • API Integration
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Technology Stacks
  • In order to provide you with project estimation, we will need technical documentation and design. This can be fulfilled by having a conversation or call.

    As a leading eLearning app development company, we always sign an NDA to ensure the maximum privacy and data security of our clients. Moreover, we have world-class DRM protection technologies to ensure that your educational content remains safe and protected from plagiarism and theft.

    We implement some of the most cutting-edge tools and technologies into our developed eLearning apps. These are some notable mentions;

    • Cloud Technology
    • Blockchain
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Virtual/Augmented Reality
    • Video Conferencing
    • And more

    The eLearning industry saw catastrophic growth after the COVID-19 global pandemic. It had also created different monetization options such as;

    • In-app ads: You can earn by displaying ads on your eLearning app
    • Subscription: Create a recurring revenue stream by providing subscription-based content
    • Freemium: Provide the fundamental content for free, while making the in-depth content paid for the users.
    • Certifications: You can earn from enrolment fees and provide certifications to the learners
    • Featured Listing: Enable course providers to list their courses on your and earn from commissions.
    • In-app purchases: Earn from the products related to education.

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