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MobileCoderz Coronavirus Crisis Commitment  MobileCoderz Coronavirus Crisis Commitment


Business Continuity Strategy

During COVID-19 Outbreak

Covid Money

The spread of intensively contagious COVID-19 disease brought a serious threat to the global population, businesses, & economies. Amid continual lockdown, people around the world are strictly adhering to the official guidelines of social distancing, sanitization, & precautionary measures to prevent and control pandemic spread.

Currently, the world is witnessing the worst crisis ever in history as millions of lives are getting affected due to the impact of deadly coronavirus. As per the current market scenario, the global economy is on the way to suffer a huge downfall as most industries & workplaces are being closed amid lockdown. Although the pandemic situation has affected business operations across the worldwide market, we at MobileCoderz are truly determined to keep going with the strong dedication & passion as we used to present for our clients earlier. During this tough time, we’re making sure that our work remains unaltered in terms of quality, perfection, & time.

Covid Money

We value the trust & time of the clients who choose us to transform their business ideas into app innovations. Ever since the day of office closure was announced, we are following a strategic business continuity plan to continue our business operations in a well-planned manner. To cope with the pandemic situation, we’ve also introduced a remote work model for the welfare & safety of our hardworking workforce as the health of employees always comes first in our priority list. With the cooperation of our team members, some immediate steps were taken as a part of our ‘Work from Home’ strategy that has been applied to address Covid-19 pandemic & here are they:

  • Proper awareness of COVID-19 prevention amongst team members
  • Immediate actions were taken to adapt remote working for the safety of employees amid pandemic.
  • Training sessions were held to support employees with their concerns on task management & workflow while working remotely.
  • All systems & necessary equipment were delivered & deployed at employees’ place while laptops were being monitored & tested in advance.
  • Employees were allocated with main backup resources before the work from home was made official & mandate.
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With active support & collaborative efforts of the MobileCoderz team, we’ve managed to mitigate the expected impact of the pandemic on our productivity and commitments towards the clients. We’re working smoothly even during the time of crisis by implementing a strategic approach, plan, & process that are defined to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. As we stand together with our clients in this battle against coronavirus, all of our project managers are looking through all the possible ways to facilitate the best support with constant communication & assistance on the project progress and delivery. With no interruptions & delays, all of our projects are going on with assured fulfillment of discussed requirements as promised to the clients. Our business continuity plans drive our competency to keep delivering the work that meets the clients’ expectations.

At MobileCoderz, we keep updating our clients with all things we do. However, we request you to go through these FAQs to find answers to the most common queries
raised by the clients:

The core management team at MobileCoderz responds rapidly for the welfare of each & every individual working under the roof. We’ve always been supportive of the remote work models and thus, we managed to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of employees at the earliest. All of our staff members were also made aware of guidelines & precautionary measures to stay safe & healthy during pandemic spread. We put our people first and our work models empower them to support existing clients even during the crisis.

At MobileCoderz, we proactively work as skilled & distributed teams to progress and execute a customer-oriented plan for assured delivery of the expected results. Furthermore, our mastery inspires us to strategize for one or more backup plans so that we can deal with recurring issues & unseen challenges in such a work case scenario.

We bring multiple milestone plans & strategies to work uninterruptedly even during the sudden pandemic situation. Our teams are active all the time just like they used to attend you during normal office hours.

Fortunately, all of our team members are safe & working remotely from their homes. We’re consistently guiding our employees & updating them about all the necessary details for healthcare and protection against COVID-19. Since the cases are rising at an alarming rate, we cannot predict the upcoming scenario of the infectious spread. However, be assured that your project will be continued progress as our resources are enough to complete your project within the proposed timeline. Each project is assigned to two points of contact & project managers for on-time delivery.

We’re working remotely but we’re digitally available to accept new projects and provide extensive support on the existing clients.

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